Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Baths

Natures cathedral.

On the western coast of Virgin Gorda there is an unusual grouping of giant granite boulders along the waters edge. They extend for about a half mile, and are called the Baths. The boulders are just randomly scattered about, touching each other. There are large areas created between the boulders that are like chambers that you can walk into and interact with. In some of the chambers the floor is soft beach sand while others have clear pools of water that are constantly being refreshed. Some of the pools are turbulent some are calm. Sunlight makes its way deep into the formation through openings like skylights. There is a sense of privacy in these rooms as if it was yours, if only for the moment. If there is room on your bucket list, this will not disappoint.

Hadrian couldn't help but to feel larger than life.

One of many cozy private pools.

The water running through the Baths is really clear.

Devils bay is really just a gap in the boulders.

Here we have a brisk Jacuzzi.

At the southern end of the Baths is Devils Bay.

Hadrian and Eva in Devils bay.

Does this count as a school day?
I can never get over the water in the Virgin Islands.

Can you believe they hate their lives, not a very convincing argument if you ask me!

Marie and Eva with Gorda Sound in the background.

If you look closely there is a goat in the picture...Marie was impressed?

This is a view along the highway on Virgin Gorda.

A mermaid with a sea star!


  1. Awesome pictures!!!
    I see 2 goats...
    Wow a mermaid!!!

    Jorge and Made
    Calypso Cat

    1. You're right, there are 2 goats. How are things on pier 6?

  2. Don't know, we've been in the Abacos since April 1st. 😂🌴
    Jorge and Made
    Calypso Cat