Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bitter End

What I love most about traveling is the surprises, the unexpected discoveries. The pleasant ones, not rat on your boat kind. The Bitter End Yacht Club and Saba Rock are great examples. These two resorts are at the easternmost end of the Virgin Island chain, just before the 100 mile jump to Saint Maarten. The water in Gorda Sound is "tidy bowl blue". I never thought I'd want to swim in that, but this is great! If I were a "landlubber" I would definitely consider this place for my next vacation, but with Mirador we just pull-up right in front of them. We just do without the fastidious service, like the guy chasing you around with fresh towels.
Saba Rock resort. 

How to out do the billionaire next to you? Gotta have a helicopter!

A gorgeous body of water.

The dockmasters office at Bitter End.

The Quaint streets with rich signage of Bitter End.

Marie bought a loaf of bread at the grocery store.

Can you lose yourself in a one road town? Marie can.

Here's a map of Bitter End.

The kids enjoyed the several gift shops.

There were boat rentals for those who just can't get enough.  

Bars were peppered around so you are never far from one.

That's Saba Rock just off shore.

The guest cabins are nestled into the hillside with intricate stairs leading to each.

A thatched chickee out over the water.

The lush landscape provides privacy.

For those with saltwater allergies, there is a pool.

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