Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Well it's been a while since I tried to add a post. You know, not being computer literate is a terrible impediment to someone trying to start a blog. The amount of time that I have to devote to this thing before something legible comes out the other end is just ridiculous. On the bright side, this is my second post so I am making progress, yea!

Why the renewed effort after 20 months since my first post? I turned 50 and recieved my AARP card. About two months ago I decided to set a date for our departure. If I didn't I'm afraid that time would just continue to pass and we will never leave on our cruise. Now with 10 months remaining til our departure date, July 5, 2013, I can sense the moment approaching and urgency of addressing anything that I would want to accomplish before we depart.

As I look at my old "to-do" lists it is apparent how much we have worked on the Mirador, but there is still much to do. I need to make water and fuel tanks, repaint the bottom of the boat, install a wind pilot, install an electric generator, and assemble the watermaker. Then there is the aesthetic items like new upholstery and a headliner. I have found that it gets difficult to stay motivated as you work through your list alone. If only I had someone beside me to to hand me a screwdriver when I needed it I could stay focused. But alas, If I put everything else aside I can finish the boat in about a month so I don't worry about it much.

The last couple of nights i have been dreaming of what a typical day cruising might be like. My dream goes something like this: I wake up slowly and make breakfast for the family. After my coffee I check boats systems, battery banks, water levels and such. Then Hadrian and I get in the dinghy and head over to a reef to catch food for the day. In the Bahamas I can catch enough yellowtail snapper for the week in 5 minutes, but variety is important too. So, we'll be doing some diving to mix up the menu. I'll catch of lobster, conch, shrimp, and clams to add diversity to our diet. As I plan to continue to fly to Honduras once a month, I will take advantage of the opportunity to bring back steaks and pork or whatever we may need. Back to my dream, after lunch we'll do school work and run any errands (write in the blog) that need tending to. The day ends on the beach with family, frends, and cocktails.