Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cutting the cord

Our friends at Dinner Key Marina organized a going away party for us on July 28th. It is now August 25th and we are still tried to the dock, ugh. There seems to always be "something else to do", like layers in baklava. Is there such a thing as "we are ready to go"? I'm not sure?? Maybe it's like planed parenthood. I have six kids, they're always kids to me even if they are in their late twenties, and I can't really say any were planned. I may have been more ready for some than others, but never planned. They are all the collateral damage of a vacation or in some cases a party, you know when you're so distracted in the moment that your reflexes lag a little too long. Where am I going with this?, oh yeah, I think there comes a time in preparing for an extended voyage when you just have to go, and hope that all the major stuff is on board. Just "Cut the cord" so to speak.

Last night my friends John and Mary Lynn, took me up on an offer to grill. I am endearingly called the "Grill Master" by my friends, and it suits me fine cause I do put love into it. They graciously bought the "slab-o-meat", over eleven pounds. I had to cut slab in half just to get it on the grill. I asked John about splitting the cost of the meat, but he said "no I got it , but now you have to leave". As if the pressure from the first party wasn't enough? The leader of my fan club, Stephanie, and her husband Andy provided the grill, Darcy and Erick brought over a mango cucumber salad with sesame seed dressing that was a great complement to the meal. The libations flowed, and laughter was the "white noise" heard all over.
The life we have made for ourselves here at Dinner Key is as close to perfect as I have ever heard of. There are more expensive lifestyles out there but better? I don't think so.  We are surrounded by people, always in good spirits, that we love. Almost every day is an event. How can leaving this place be easy?! However, human nature being what human nature is, we must push the envelope.
Seriously now, I have drawn a line in the sand...and that line is the end of August. I refuse to pay the marina for September. At the very least we will be on the hook in Biscayne Bay for September.
It seems I have a million little things yet to do. It is amazing how complex our  modern lives are, we just rarely ever need analyze all the inner workings, our society provides or facilitates so much. As we try to sever ourselves from "the Matrix", nothing can be taken for granted, the details are endless, and at times overwhelming...not unlike family planning.