Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Haridan and Spider

Our son Hadrian has been a real handful every step of the way. His dread of finding himself without access to the internet and subsequently his games has made him pessimistic and bitter. Nature does not offer him the rewards that computer games do. I have to say that computer games can be a parents curse. They are the modern replacement for tobacco addiction. With enough dedication, kids become larger than life in this cyber world. The more they play, the better they get at the game, but more they slip away from the real world, and truth. I find myself frustrated at times, trying to compete with the euphoria that he finds in these games. I could possibly be providing him with the opportunity of a lifetime, something that he may never have the freedom to do again, sailing the Caribbean, and he has almost no appreciation for what is at his grasp.
We are currently in the southern Bahamas, and the landscape is amazing. The waters are crystal clear, and teaming with life. I cannot convey the beauty around us, it simply has to be experienced, yet reaching the next level in his game is his obsession.
Hadrian, captain of Spider, a Bauer 10 dinghy.
Lately we have had a small breakthrough. A few months ago, Hadrian would try to start the small outboard on our dinghy "Spider", but he just didn't have the strength. Now, it has taken a while, but he has slowly developed enough strength to get the little motor running. We try to place the responsibility of running the dinghy on him, and he is proud of this task. Other kids watch as he pilots the vessel, making the decisions that one must as you weave through traffic and to the dock.
God, give me the wisdom, and strength to capitalize on this little window.

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  1. Don't give up Joaquin! Many a sultry, pouty afternoon was spent baking on the boat with Pa, nothing to do but watch him fish. Resentful we were when he (a morning person) would drag us out of bed to see a sunrise. These are the things I most treasure now, and they are imbued with memories of him. This blog will be a great treasure. I hope it is being printed on very good paper or backed up in some way.