Thursday, February 27, 2014

City of Lights

Flip-flop beach is located towards the northern end of Stocking Island, on the west side. The sand is soft, like cotton candy, and the water is clear, and tranquil. Someone has built a bar and a gazebo complete with furniture there, out of materials found locally, driftwood, small logs, and palm thatch. There is a fire pit with a section of metal grating that makes a great BBQ. Add some friends, and a birthday, and you have the recipe for a great night.
Flip flop beach resort.
Early staging at "The gazebo at Flip-flop beach".

The entertainment was great, so much talent. Any requests?
As the self-proclaimed "Grill-Master", I man my post zealously. All manner of meats were on the grill. We had Chicken wings, sausages, pork chops, and pork tenderloins, the bounty was piled high on the grill. I moved and rotated the meats in and out of the fire, timing the cooking so that all would be done together, and each properly cooked. At the bar the libations included beer, rum, and wine. Those more musically inclined, played guitars, and sang. We all laughed til our sides hurt. The kids enjoyed building a bonfire in the pit after I was done with the food. It's hard to imagine being so at home, so far from home. A sense of camaraderie bound us together that night, well that and a few drinks. 
The night sky sparkled like jewelry, so far from any city lights. As we all headed back to our boat, everyone on there dinghies, the anchorage seemed like a city in the distance, a city of lights. I wish that I could somehow save this night away to later share with our friends back home. It saddens me that some may never experience such a night.

This rustic grill only enhanced the setting.

The "Grill-master"!

The kids had egg races, but the sand is so soft you can drop your egg, and it doesn't break.
I think we have pyro-babies?!
It is hard to pull away from Elizabeth Harbor, to continue on our journey. We are doing exactly what I said we would not do...Why does this sound soo familiar? I said that we would not be staying at George Town for the sailing regatta. I said we will just stop there for a week, get the feel of it, and then be on our way. Yet, here we are, it has been a month, albeit a wonderful month. We have made many friends. Every day is a party...oh right, we are at adult summer camp! We have had lobster and conch every which way I could think of, by the way, my conch chowder will change your religion. I heard one girl complain, "I'm tired of lobster, I want chicken". 

We have raced anything that we could get to go in a straight line, and some things that just wouldn't. 
At this point my back is against the wall, I don't like to do this, but I have to name names! Ben & Sylvia on "Whisper", thank you, our kids are into compact gardening. Tyler, Pam & Cyrus on "Mirage", you are so easy to over-serve, we love you. Joe, Marketa, Oliver and Martin on "Anticipation", thank you for being there for us. Nathan, Wendy, Lily, Eli, & Jedo on "Whistling Cay", thanks for the hospitality. Green, Jen, Caitlin, & Juliana on "Lyra", Thanks for all the help.   Doug, Kathleen, Abe, Jack , & Ella on "Wonderful Life", we had fun. Shane, Mary, & Franklin on "Sea Change", we missed the mutton! Mary, and Coleen on "Glass Slipper", you really did a great job with all the kids events. To the many other collaborators that I did not get personally acquainted with, but whose contributions have been essential to this gathering, I thank you.
Our time here at Elizabeth Harbor has been a celebration of life, and proof in my heart that "people" are intrinsically "good". Now, I knew this to be true even before, but all concepts need reinforcing.

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  1. I laughed so hard when I read "I'm tired of lobster". I really wish I had that problem.