Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Never Never Land

We were cruising for a couple of months before we ran into another boat with children on board. I was feeling a little like Columbus must have felt as he looked for India all the while his crew murmured of a mutiny. My crew doesn't murmur, it's more of a beller.
Elizabeth Harbor is a kids mecca. There are about 50 children in the "City of Lights" (refer to previous post). The adults are constantly looking for ways to keep them busy, myself included. We constantly have play-dates, it's just a mass shuffle of kids. We send one that way, and they send two this way. There seems to always be the pitter-patter little feet every where. They climb in one hatch then out of another, like meerkats. They swing from the lines and rigging. They really use all of the space they are confined to, all 3 dimensions of it, up down, and sideways. I have learned to tune them out quite successfully. 
Eva and Hadrian are starting an herb garden.

Eva with Lily in the background. They're going to grow gills.

Hadrian in a kayak race.

We are seriously close to checkout time here. In another month the trade-winds will blow strong, and it will be too hard to head south. I honestly have some reservations about leaving the flock, and for several reasons.
Just a minute ago two dolphins came by the boat and the kids put down their pencils and jumped in the water to swim with them, is that cool or what! How many people experience that? They are beautiful animals...the dolphins, not the kids.
I have never been one to leave a party early, but it's time, it's time to leave Never Never Land.

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